Canton, Ohio

Raven Reclaimed was contracted to demolish a Grist Mill circa 1868 which was attached to a newer building built in around 1910 and a warehouse on the same property built in 1930. The Grist Mill was 12,000 square feet, 5 stories tall with a basement, and the warehouse was 11,000 square feet with a concrete floor. The buildings were constructed in a wood timber frame style with 2-foot thick brick walls. We hand disassembled both buildings to salvage the wood for reuse. The brick was used as beneficial fill for the basement. The Grist Mill was surgically disconnected from the newer portion so that the customer could continue to use that section for office and storage space. The warehouse was built directly on a city street so we supported the adjoining wall with bracing during demolition and saved that wall for a future building. Altogether we salvaged 32,000 board feet of antique wood to be used by reclaimed lumber companies for new products such as flooring, tables, and mantles.

The property was located in Canton, Ohio on Navarre Road SW at the intersection of I-77 and Highway 30.

The owners are Mark and Nate Lambright of Lambright and Sons Trucking.

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