Today, more than ever, conservation and recycling have become a priority. As more and more scientists warn that the effects of climate change are on our front doorstep, it is up to individuals and businesses alike to reduce waste and allow recycling efforts to do their part.

For construction recycling, it’s even more critical. If your company is not aggressively engaged in a recycling program at your construction sites, you might miss an opportunity to reduce your carbon footprint significantly. Here are some of the most convincing arguments for recycling building materials.

Environmental Benefits

An immense advantage to the community is the recycling of building waste. The need to harvest natural resources is lessened by recycled building materials. This not only keeps the natural environment intact, but also removes the need, to begin with, to use the oil and gas that fuel the industrial machinery that harvests natural resources. Building recycling also decreases the amount of materials that end up throughout the city in landfills.

Cost Savings

Each owner of a company wants to find ways to lower their costs and increase their profits. You save money on buying new materials when you give a second life to building materials by recycling them. It also costs less to recycle building materials than to deposit certain substances in a landfill.

Good Will

Building good will among the people you serve is always a desired social economic benefit. As the community is increasingly worried about climate change, there is a higher demand for contractors who display a commitment to help our planet.

Recycled Materials

Are you new to recycling your construction materials? Here are some common recyclable construction materials:

  • Metal: Leftover metals like steel, aluminum and copper are always in demand at scrapyards. They could net you a good price.
  • Asphalt: Recycling asphalt is an enormous benefit to the environment, and it’s extremely easy. In fact, asphalt is the most recycled material in the country!
  • Untreated wood: The leftover wood from your site isn’t useless. Once it’s cleaned, re-milling, grinding or chipping untreated wood serves as the basis for a variety of new products.

Other popular recyclable items commonly found on construction sites include glass, cardboard and the gypsum found in drywall. There’s always someone to take these materials off your hands.

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